OPScenter VTS

Bids & marketing for OPScenter VTS, an innovative solution for improved safety and efficiency for port and coastal vessel traffic.

MRCC Ostend

Bid Manager for preparation of a winning proposal for the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center of Ostend (Belgium).

ARCAS Product

Product Manager for ARCAS (Airside Slot Capacity Assistant) for advanced analysis of runway capacity and flight schedule optimization.

Technician Infosystem

SW Developer of an information system (FIS) for skilled workers to maintain tips & tricks, photos, annotations, catalogs, bill of materials and more ...

Matchbox Project

Winning proposal for MATCHBOX, an innovative Fraport solution to manage airside slot capacity at Frankfurt International Airport.

eKanban Solution

Project & Product Manager of IKS, an integrated electronic kanban-based production control system applying pull philosophy.

Maritime Master

Marketing and sales support for Maritime Safety & Security.

VTS Whitepaper

Document writer for a proposal for Track Classification & Identification as extension of the OPScenter VTS/CoSS System.